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It Doesn't Stop After Your Run

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A Band That Lends a Hand

Learn how we give back around the globe with each purchase.

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Feel Your Pulse

Track your daily activity, your sleeping patterns, and more all on your wrist while customizing each feature to your liking.

  • Hang Tight.. A Game Changing App in the Process

    Our application coming soon, keep an eye out and learn more.

  • Get Social

    Share updates. Join groups. Challenge friends. Stay connected.

  • Create Your Workout

    Create your own workout with goals that you want to reach and let your PulseBandz do the tracking.


The Bells and Whistles

All this power on your wrist... And these are just our favorite.

  • Daily Activity Tracking

    Tracks daily activities, check daily exercise progress and calories burned.

  • Notification Alerts

    From texts from your loved ones to social media updates, we've got you covered.

  • Music Control

    Control your music all from your wrist. Jam out to Lady Gaga without even taking your phone out.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Stay in tune with the beat. And by that, we mean your heartbeat. 


We set the standards, you go beyond them.
Interchangeable Bands

Customize the way your band matches your outfit or depending on the way you feel with our interchangable colored bands.

Flexible Features

Not all of our features fit everyone's lifestyle, and we get that. Decide which features you want turned on or off in our app.

Adjustable Goals

Everyone has different goals. You can set your goals to be what YOU want them to be. This includes your daily steps, sleep, and more.

Who We Are

Meet the team behind PulseBandz.

Love to stay active, adventurer, and I read every book that comes my way! I started this company to be of value to the world. I want to improve health tracking and connect people more through our devices and application

I like to travel, help others, and staying healthy. PulseBandz has given me the opportunity to develop 'The Change' and get our message out to the world. And that's what I'll do.

I have a passion for design, fitness, and expanding my knowledge. I plan to make a difference through the new technology and technique we will explore through PulseBandz.

I'm passionate about helping brands convey themselves accurately in order to reach their respective audiences. I'm the president of PreFocus Solutions but am committed to the vision and purpose behind Pulse Bandz and the Global change we're setting out to implement.