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Monday Motivation: How To Feel Confident at The Gym

You know when you walk into the gym and you feel like you just stepped in a room filled with fitness models and gurus? Well I think that happens to every one of us. You left home, feeling confident and secure, bouncing to the gym in your exercise shoes, gym bag slung over one shoulder, and water bottle in hand and suddenly you want to turn around and crawl home and get into bed. But for this Monday Motivation, we are going to work on that. It is important to feel confident at the gym, a place where you are doing your best to work on yourself.

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Don't Let Your Health Habits Affect Your Personal Energy

Many of us seem to think that if we are working very hard, missing meals, staying up late, that we are doing a great job and putting in fantastic work. This is where most of us are wrong. Success is not a place where your health suffers, success is a place where your health is under control and you are able to do excellent work at the same time. 

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How to Stay Positive During a Lifestyle Adjustment

There’s no denying the fact that, it is easy to stay confident and keeping a positive mindset in a positive environment, however, it is when the situations are emotionally draining or you need to make a lifestyle adjustment, it’s quite hard to stay motivated and keeping a positive mindset.

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