Create An Inspirational Work Space

Create An Inspirational Work Space

So, you’re blessed to have your own office. Lucky you! Now you can kiss goodbye to fluorescent lighting, plain walls and uncomfortable office chairs. It's time to create an inspirational work space that promotes confidence and comfort while allowing you to maximize your productivityImprove your work environment with a vision to create an inspirational work space at home so you can sieze the day

Get creative and make your work space an inspirational place to be!

Work Space Ideas

For starters, treat yourself to a desk which is a suitable size for the room and your belongings. Purchase ample storage space so you don’t have paperwork and books everywhere. Invest in a comfortable office chair too as posture and comfort is everything.


Home Office Decoration

Make your environment personal and creative with things you love. When you’re feeling stressed, have things to look at which will lift your mood. This can include:

  • A collage of pictures of you and your loved ones and places you’ve traveled.
  • An ornament you bought on holiday, your favourite teddy or something which is extremely important to you.
  • An inspirational quote on the wall which resonates with you.
  • A plant on your desk. It’s therapeutic and good for your health. Pick one which won’t leave petals all over your desk though and care for it. Take pride in your work station.

Proper Lighting for an Inspirational Space

Lighting is more important than you think. Twinkling lights dangling from the ceiling look pretty – as does a special lamp. Make sure you have sufficient lighting so you’re not straining your eyes and try to avoid a window with direct sunlight. Although this may not seem major, they can make a difference in your mood and how energetic you feel throughout the day. Moreover, a personal creative space gives you a sense of pride and worth every time you sit down.

Why Create An Inspirational Work Space?

Why is it important to create an inspirational work space? Your environment dictates your mood and you want to create a happy place. If you walk into a dark, messy room, you won’t want to spend time there or feel content.

Make sure your office space is only for working. It is not a storage room for junk or a place for others to invade. Respect your space and keep it tidy so you enjoy your time in there.


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