How to Create a Productive Workspace at Home

How to Create a Productive Workspace at Home

As we have said in the past, working at home can be a dream come true, but being productive can sometimes be a challenge and having a productive workspace is a must.

The first step to being productive in your home office - is to have a dedicated work space. Optimally it’s ideal to have an actual room with a door as a home office, by converting a spare bedroom or den into a dedicated workspace. However this is not always as easy as it seems, so whether you are in studio apartment or a 4 bedroom house, the objectives are the same: finding the right combination.

Location, Location, Location

The first step to a home office is selecting the location. So if your office will be incorporated into your living room, set an area in the corner or away from the most foot traffic. Be sure you are near an electrical outlet.  I personally like to have a desk that looks outwards toward the living area. Try for as much natural light as possible, and have a good lamp for evening illumination. Depending on your electricity needs, invest in a power bar for your computer, phone charger, and printer, etc. An alternative to the living room, would be the bedroom, if space allows.

How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Workspace

  • Pick the location for you “office”

  • Dedicate a desk or table to ‘work only”

  • Have a fast internet provider & reliable phone carrier

  • Minimize noise and avoid distractions

  • Office hours



A desk or table is imperative to a productive work area. Having a dedicated location to place your laptop, take notes, and make calls is very important in a home office. It also affords you seperation from work and home, even if it is in the same room. On another note, being happy with the appearance of your office is also important. Many home stores have desks and accessories that will compliment your home decor and color schemes so your office will blend with your home furnishings. Also try Craigslist andOfferupfor good deals on used items.


Depending on what your remote working entails, most likely you use the internet. Having a fast connection speed is very important. Also, many internet providers will offer deals on a “land line” should you need this. However, I have found that using a dependable mobile phone and carrier, and services such as Efax,Turboscan, Skype, and WhatsApp can provide access not only from home but anywhere you may be and depending on your Mobile plan, at a substantial savings.


We all know that noise and distractions can have a negative affect in everyday life and the same applies to your home office. Getting distracted while on an important call or difficulty to hear over loud noises, can cause mistakes. If you're expecting an important call and have pets, put them in another room while on the call and if you have young children, try and schedule your phone appointments around their sleep patterns. By keeping distractions to a minimum you will improve concentration and increase your productivity.



I have found that having a dedicated schedule is very important in a home office situation. So depending on your most productive hours for your business, get into a daily routine. Whether it’s getting up for your morning coffee and getting right into work, or starting later in the day or even in the evening, make a schedule and a plan and stick to it. Because even though you work from home, and you're usually as close to business as a smart phone away, having a routine as well as having down time is very important in a home office.

As Steve Jobs once said,"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."


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