How To Live a Minimalist Life

How To Live a Minimalist Life

There are so many wonderful opportunities in this world that life can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Time creeps up and passes. Memories get forgotten and our passions get lost. More times than not, we’re stressed, anxious and honestly… depressed.

A simple, stress-free lifestyle makes a calm, happy and healthier person. Here are some ways to detoxify your existence and live a minimalist life.

Leading a Minimalist Life

Everything you fill your days with can be improved. This includes your April 8 (2).pngexecution plan and how much time you spend working versus chilling. Learning to let go and live a minimalist life is challenging, but certainly possible. Here are a few tactics to start living a simple life.

  1. Don’t Be a Hoarder

Physically getting rid of any clutter in your house gives you room to make new memories. Make a rule: Throw away or donate to charity anything you haven’t used or worn in the past six months. If you haven’t used it within that time, you probably never will.

Reorganise your furniture so nothing is hiding behind it and everything looks neat and tidy. Decluttering your home is painful, but will give you more freedom and a fresh start to welcome a new lifestyle.

  1. Slowly Limit Luxuries

We can survive perfectly fine without luxury hotels, pricey trips to the salon, an expensive phone etc. These aren’t essentials but have been weened into our lifestyle through society’s norms. Focus on spending more time alone out for a walk or a coffee with friends. Call your parents and try to appreciate company, rather than possessions.

  1. Make Your Work Life Easier 

Even the best job in the world can be stressful sometimes, but that stress from one bad day can shatter life at home and even the days to follow. Find what it is that brings you peace and indulge in it. Wash off a bad day in the shower or play your favourite songs on the drive home from work.

Ideally, you would remove any aspects of your work which make you unhappy. Talk to your boss about specific areas of your job that make it impossible for you to enjoy your time in the office. Perhaps your skills lie somewhere else and you could get transferred to another department. If you don't talk, nothing will change.

  1. Forgive, Accept and Forget

A lot of times, our frustrations and upset lie with what other people have done to us. But we shouldn’t let negative vibes tarnish our hope. Gradually remove yourself from those who bring stress into your life and spend more time with those who present positivity.

Accept that not everyone is like you and so their actions won’t always be to your taste. Forgive, accept and move on. Life is too precious to sulk.

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Do you live a minimalist life? Let us know how it changed your life and shed some advice for those starting out. 


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