Monday Motivation: Start a Work-From-Home Business

Monday Motivation: Start a Work-From-Home Business

Do you have a dream to work from home? You’re not the only one. Remote working is advantageous to most workers to eliminate a long commute and spark creativity from a familiar environment.

Here are a few ways to get started for a work-from-home business.


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You have a skill and someone will be willing to pay if you market yourself and believe in your talents.

  1. Find Your Skill

What is your passion? What are you talented at which could earn you a living? Write a list of your talents and start small. For example, you may be a proficient writer, able to keep calm with irate customers, a talented salesperson or anything else you can do. Speak with a careers advisor or refer to your qualifications and experience for guidance on what path you should take.

  1. Use Available Resources To Start Work

After you’ve established what it is you’re talented at or passionate about (preferably both!), there are thousands of websites which can help you find clients who are willing to pay for your skill.

These below websites are a useful resource if you’re a writer, social media expert, marketer, website designer, expert administrator, experienced receptionist, and everything in-between:

Simply create an account for free and a profile with your experience, qualifications, and skillset. Potential clients won’t know you so it’s crucial that you represent yourself honestly and create an inviting biography which will make people want to hire you.

Set an hourly rate which is fair for you to earn a living and matches your experience so that clients will hire you. You will want to research your competitors too so you know you're on the right track. 

These websites take commission but are free to sign up to so you could be starting a new project today!

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  1. Have a Reliable Work Space

If you’re starting a business from home, here are a few things to consider before you start earning money:

  • Turn a spare room into an office with a desk and laptop. Make your station a clutter-free environment surrounded by inspiration and tranquility.
  • If you don’t have a spare room, renovate a corner of your bedroom or dining room into an office so when it’s peaceful at night, you can utilise this space.
  • Alternatively, your local coffee shop can become your temporary office. Check first that they have a strong internet connection before committing yourself to there.

Once you’ve chosen your designated work area, ensure that you won’t be disturbed by talking with your family and politely requesting to not be troubled during your working hours.

  1. Continue To Market Yourself

The more people who know about your home business, the better. Tell your neighbours what you do as it’s a great way to market yourself and open up to friends and even use Facebook to further push sales. Spend money on sponsored social media posts and even devise a website to use as a portfolio to be found.

You are your brand, so be professional on all social media platforms and establish a good reputation by respecting your clients and working hard.

Anyone can create a work-from-home business, but you have to opt for a career which ignites a spark within you. Without passion, you will not succeed. You have to want it, because you can’t fake desire.

Got any tips for creating an established home business? Share your experience in the comments. 


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