5 Ways Fitness Trackers Can Help You Lose Weight This Summer

5 Ways Fitness Trackers Can Help You Lose Weight This Summer

Fitness technology improves everyday, and it is getting smarter and smarter. It's also becoming easier than ever to track your everyday habits with a simple fitness tracker that just tracking your steps! There's no shortage of fitness wearables in stores these days, and our experts work to hard to improve our PulseBandz to make it a must-have for your lifestyle. So as our tech gets smarter, how can we use it to better ourselves? Keep scrolling for the details.

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How can Technology Help You Stay In Shape?

  1. Keep Moving - Most fitness trackers on the market can track your step count and distance travelled, which is very useful if your trying to keep yourself active. You can set your own daily goals and see how close you are to hitting them, and if you wish, get daily updates throughout the day and encouragement to do more. This is just one of the ways fitness trackers can help you lose weight. However, our expert testing proves that some fitness trackers are more accurate then others when it comes to step-tracking, so it's important to shop around before you buy. Make sure to always keep an eye out on the price! It is very important when purchasing a fitness tracker. Also look at the features offered for the price! You want the right features that fit your lifestyle. So keep that in mind when purchasing a fitness device
  2. Eat Right - We all love to have a crazy cheat day! We love to go all out at least one day of the week. But keeping track of what you're eating can help you stay in shape. And one of the best snacks to help you stick to healthy eating is a green apple! Green Apples will save your from eating your muscles away and storing fat! They are affordable and easy to carry around! There are many other ways to keep track of what you're eating especially with a fitness tracker that has an application that integrates with an app like MyFitnessPal. Our Pulsebandz application is currently being developed but it will intergrate with MyFitnessPal. Keep an eye out for updates on our app!
  3. Monitor Your Workouts - Many of our tested gadgets log calories burnt by different types of exercise, with the list including walking, cycling and running. If you're regularly doing morning jogs, take a look at our fitness trackers!
  4. Watch Your Weight - Watching your weight isn't much fun, but you'll see how much of an impact regular exercise has on your body. Read more on what type of exercise you should be doing on our blog, Feel Fit Dont Quit!
  5. Get Enough Sleep - After a long day of working out and tracking your progress, it shouldn't be to difficult to fall asleep. But it doesnt mean you're getting the right kind of sleep. There is a study that shows 3 hours of good quality sleep is better than 8 hours of bad sleep. It makes a big difference! If you do not get quality sleep, it could have a serious impact on achieving your goals. Having a snooze helps your body repair and reset, and a simple fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate and sleep can do wonders for you! Remember nowadays you do not need a $200 fitness tracking device to track such things. But make sure the tracker you choose features sleep tracking, which offers information on your sleep patterns throughout the night as well as tips to improve it, with some using a heart rate monitor to improve accuracy on things like how much deep sleep you're getting!

So what are you waiting for? Go buy that affordable fitness tracker you've been waiting for! One that can track your activity, heart rate, and sleep quality! Make sure to keep one of our PulseBandz trackers in mind! We offer quality features for people who cannot afford more expensive brands, like FitBit, or for those who just simply want a sleek fitness wristband that will fit their lifestyle.

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