Comparing PulseBandz Features To Other Self Monitoring Devices

Comparing PulseBandz Features To Other Self Monitoring Devices

So, everyone has suddenly gone fitness-watch crazy. It’s certainly better than sitting on the couch every night eating a family-sized bag of chips I guess. If you’re ready to take the plunge into a fitness tracker, which brand can you trust and what makes ours unique?

THe PURPOSE BEHIND PulseBandz Fitness TrackeR

Health isn’t just about the number of calories you burn at the gym or how fast you can run; it’s a multitude of different things such as fitness levels, how much sleep you get, exercise progress, heart rate and much more.

But to the human eye, all of this is guess work. Our fitness bands are catered to help you become healthier and happier and give you the facts about what’s going on inside your body, so you can make changes accordingly.

Giving Back With Customization.

In addition to looking after your personal well-being, we feel strongly about giving back to those who could use some help with some of their personal struggles. That's why with every purchase of a green Pulseband, 5% of the total goes to Project Favila in Brazil, South America.

Every colored product has a purpose. You have the choice to select your favorite color or find a charitable organization that supports a cause that means something to you. Not only can you feel amazing about your personal productivity and progress, but you gain a sense of reward by helping those with bigger needs progress and thrive within their society. No other fitness tracker puts aside money towards a great cause, despite there being similar apps to do so.

The Technology Behind Pulsebandz.

When it comes to comparing Pulsebandz features to other self monitoring devices, our technology is not a step behind. Our tracking device is very similar to the Apple watch – but you could buy nearly four of our trackers for just one of Apple’s. Yet, we also have many of its features including ‘find my phone’, wrist sense, heart rate monitoring and even the capability to synchronise to your phone.

However, Apple’s version only has a battery life of around 18 hours in comparison to Pulse Bandz 5-10 day battery life cycle. How can you track your sleeping pattern when your watch needs to be on the charger every night? How can you monitor your fitness levels at the gym if it’s on charge during the day? Our technology allows us to provide you with preferred technological features and hands free notifications while eliminating the distractions of an overwhelming design.

Our Sleek and Durable Design.

When it comes to comparing Pulsebandz features to other fit devices, one must consider the design elements. The slender design of our tracker gives it an elegant and delicate appearance compared to Adidas, Nike and even the renowned Fitbit. Avoid discomfort or scratch anxiety with our monitoring devices as they're designed to sit on your wrist comfortably. Interchanging your custom bands is just as seamless.

Moreover, make a statement with the style variations of our tracking devices without being too provocative. Eliminating these concerns allows you to invest in something that's more affordable with the same perks so you can confidently take the next step towards the better version of you.


Compare Pulsebandz Features and Kickstart a New Lifestyle.

Have you jumped on the fitness-tracker wagon? Getting started and staying motivated are the first two steps in improved well being. Motivate yourself with a Pulsebandz reminder that there are less fortunate people across the globe that would love to have the opportunity you have every day. So put your best foot forward, no matter what lifestyle you're apart of.

Let us know your favourite brands and share your reviews with us in the comments below. We're always looking for new ways to advance our own technology to meet the values of others.


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