Father's Day Gift Ideas For Techie Dads

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Techie Dads

Father's Day is less than a couple days away which gives you enough time to get your amazing dad something special and useful. You may be thinking about getting him a new watch or his favorite bottle of whiskey, which are great gifts for this special day...

However, if you have a dad who likes wearables and tech, these Father's Day gift ideas will;make his day even more spectacular.


How does a smartphone upgrade sound?

This one is a no brainer. Dads that love gadgets almost always have the latest smartphone in the market. Your dad >might have mentioned a new flagship phone that hes been wanting but unable to make the switch because he's been too busy or... whatever dads do. Here's your chance to make him happy and he will probably remember how you got him such a great gift when Christmas comes along! Chances are your Dad has been eyeing the latest Samsung;Galaxy S8 If you have a few have a pretty good budget, this is the best smartphone gift for your dad.

A smart speaker: Amazon Echo - The perfect gift

Smart speakers have gone a long way ever since it was introduced by Amazon just a few years ago. And they're still a perfect gift this Father's Day. The Amazon Echo speaker is high up on our recommendation list because it helps connect the family together. The Echo allows everyone to know what everyone is up to without having to bug each other. Which is especially helpful when everyone is busy.

A Fitness Tracker Might Be The Way To Go

Techie Dads might not be your average body builder or gym geek. So if you want to let your dad know to be more mindful about his health in a subtle way, getting him a fitness tracker would be a great gift this Father's Day.

If you want a fitness tracker for your Dad that is stylish and loaded with essential features, then you may want to consider getting him the P'2 Trainer Pulsebandz It has a large enough touchscreen display that shows you notifications that you get from your phone, and shows all the information your Dad might need without using his smartphone. Techie Dad gift for the win!


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