Fitness Wristbands May Lead to Big Health Care Savings

Fitness Wristbands May Lead to Big Health Care Savings

It's get difficult for people to afford a high monthly bill for insurance and then it makes it even worse when they are too busy to even schedule a doctors appointment.  About half of all Americans have one or more chronic conditions which include heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and asthma, to name a few. Many chronic conditions arise from unhealthy lifestyles that might include the usual suspects; poor diet, little or no exercise, and stress. These conditions account for most of the deaths in the united States, and up to 86 percent of health care expenditures.


Lets look at diabetes as an example. Nearly 30 million Americans are now living with diabetes, and another 86 million have prediabetes, a higher-than-normal blood sugar level that can lead to diabetes.  This disease accounts for many other side affects from loss of vision to heart disease. It also cost americans $245 billion a year. But chronic diseases like diabetes need not take such a big personal or economic tolls. Easily implemented changes that digitize components of health and health care can lighten the load for people, their doctors, and the rest of the world! Fitness trackers can help people track their health in real time and help with big health care savings. 


Millions of people around the world currently use devices to monitor their health and fitness. These includes fitness wristbands or known as Fitness Trackers. The data they record can help people take more control over their health and lifestyles. They can also help doctors keep track of their patients' health. PulseBandz is working to develop this kind of technology. Information from these devices will be uploaded into electronic health records that will go straight to their doctor or personal trainer so they can keep an eye on their clients. Data from such devices could also alert 911, doctors, or first-aid workers to a problem that requires immediate attention, like a stroke or heart attack.

As PulseBandz continues to work their way up with fitness wristband technology, soon they will develop sophisticated enough fitness wristband to detect medical conditions. For instance, if your fitness tracker device indicates that your activity level has stayed at a normal level, but your heart rate has increased or decreased immensely, it could be a sign that there is a serious health concern. And PulseBandz also wants to use their bands to detect minor illnesses, like coming down with the flu or a cold. Pulsebandz is also dedicated to ensure weight loss and improved fitness, the keys to battling chronic diseases.

Activity trackers and other devices can motivate their users to live healthier lifestyles, especially as technology improves to become more precise and accurate. 


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