Why Wear a Pulsebandz | Most Affordable Fitness Tracker

Why Wear a Pulsebandz | Most Affordable Fitness Tracker

With so many wearable fitness trackers on the market, it's not easy making a decision. Here are some reasons why wearing a PulseBandz might be more useful.

Track Your Daily Activities and More!

Its not only tracks running and daily activities (like steps), but it also blends in throughout your day making it look less like a bulky watch. You can purchase a black PulseBandz which will suit you for an everyday lifestyle and mood, but it also comes in four other colors for your choice of lifestyle or mood! These colors are Gnarly Green, Magical Magenta, Optimal Orange, and Blissful Blue.

Most Affordable Fitness Tracker In The Market?

Pulsebandz P'1 Runner currently runs for $69.95 including FREE shipping and the P'2 Trainer goes for $89.95 also with FREE shipping. Now comparing to different types of fitness trackers, Pulsebandz does about everything a Fitbit or a Misfit can do at half the price. Lets take a look at what our PulseBandz features are.


Not only does PulseBandz provide you with most affortable and customiziable fitness wristband but they also are a charitiable company. They give back while bringing awareness with wearable technology. Each colored band of PulseBandz offers represents a non-profit organization across the globe. Each one is dedicated to reaching goals to give back. For each band purchased, 10% of the sale goes to the coordinating organization. To learn more about our movement and our charities click



In the fall of 2017 PulseBandz is launching their iOS & Andriod application to go with their fitness tracker. The application will include multiple features that will help families and friends stay health connected. The application will be able to sync across all social media platforms to share with your Facebook groups or Twitter friends! There will be more infromation on the app coming soon.



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