Pulsebandz P'1 Runner is Also a Fitness Wristband for Kids

Pulsebandz P'1 Runner is Also a Fitness Wristband for Kids

For the past two years, there has been a surge in interest in fitness trackers and wearables. It seems that more and more people are becoming health conscious. But a healthy lifestyle isn’t just for adults. Kids can gain a lot from a fitness tracker than we might not have thought of. While there might be tablets for kids and educational toys for kids, there are few devices that put their health front and center. That’s what Pulsebandz' P'1 Runner is setting out to do. PulseBandz wants to show that they aren't just for adults, but this is a fitness wristband for kids. Not only does it help parents keep an eye on their kid’s health, but it can also encourage kids themselves to be active and healthy.

Why Would A Kid Wear A Fitness Tracker?

Obesity and other health issues rates keep going up

Did you know that according to the American Heart Association 1 in 3 children are either overweight or obese? This puts them at a higher risk for diseases like diabetes and insulin resistance. With a P1' Runner, a child and their parent can track how many steps and exercise they are getting through the day to help with weight control. Doctors often suggest kids to get a good amount of exercise, and this way the parent can make sure he or she gets it!

If your kid likes fitness, it is more likely to stick in the future

Think about a child learning an instrument or language when they are younger. Once they grow, this hobby or habit of theirs sticks. It's been proven that teaching kids habits at a young age is beneficial since it creates a relationship between the child and the habit. Believe me, I know I and many others who would have loved to be exposed to exercise and healthy habits when I was younger. It's more likely for them to continue their healthy habits as they grow.

Tracking can be a fun game

There is such thing as friendly competition. And it is especially good when it is benefiting you and your child. PulseBandz will soon be offering fitness tracker family bundles. This helps Mom, Dad, and the kids stay healthy by having some fun with each other. Who got more steps today? Susie? Looks like she doesn't have to do the dishes tonight! PulseBandz wants to keep the whole family in shape and it's fun when you have people along for the ride.

It takes their eyes off the tech and gets them moving

These days it is extremely common to find a child using an iPad or tablet for entertainment purposes. As great and easy it is to keep your child calm while at a restaurant, it's very important that they get enough exercise each day. Many children do not meet the minimum suggested amount of activity for the day since they are warped in technology. With a P1' Runner, there are sedentary alerts that a parent can set up for a given amount of time to remind their child to get up and get some exercise when they have been in a resting position for too long.

Wearables aren't just for adults, they work great for kids and it can improve their future!



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