Stylish Activity Tracker That Fits Your Lifestyle

Stylish Activity Tracker That Fits Your Lifestyle

Looking for a bracelet-style tracker that does so much more than count your steps and look cute?

Wearable tech companies are constantly one-upping each other with new features, but they always miss the authenticity, storytelling, and accessibility that truly changes the game.

While fashion trackers aren't neccessarily something you would wear on a hard core hike up the mountain, it's always nice to have a customiziable fitness tracker that can fit your kind of lifestyle. By simplily changing the band of your tracking device can easily make it sporty or fashionable. Having a tracker like this that still focuses on your fitness goals, tracks your heart rate, and even has extra cool features (like music control) are way-overdue and inceasingly neccesary for an everday user.

A lot of stylish activity trackers out there offer you great features but not what you truly need. Some of these trackers take out too many of the features and some add too many which affect the look of the band. Yes, you are trying to look good and keep your activity in check, but sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles of "serious" sports tracker. As founder of PulseBandz, I want a band that fits the style with my everyday activity and tracks it. Your band should look and feel right whether you are going to the gym, pool, traveling, work, party, or even just staying at home. If you are looking to invest in your health, try out a PulseBandz. They are very affordable, offer stylish bands that you can interchange depending on the occasion, and they come with all the features you need to track your daily activities and a few to make your life easier.

Feel free to reach out personally to PulseBandz if you have any feedback and suggestions for our upcoming fitness trackers. And don't forget to sign up up to our newsletters! We are always giving out free trackers to help others track their health. We want everyone to wear a fitness tracker, whether it is our brand or not, to make sure everyone has access to their personal health goals and ways they can improve it while making a difference!


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