Monday Motivation: Meal Preparation Like A Boss To Get Your Week Going

Monday Motivation: Meal Preparation Like A Boss To Get Your Week Going

There are a mountain of reasons why people don’t eat healthy. But one common excuse is not having enough time to cook – or not enjoying their time in the kitchen.

But meal preparation has been proven to help people stick to a healthy lifestyle. Not sure where to get started? Here are some tips to getting your healthy week sorted… and sticking to it!

Meal Preparation Made Easy

For your meal preparation to work successfully, you have to enjoy the food you’re making and make the kitchen fun and not torturous.

  1. Find Healthy Food Recipes Which Are Easy To Make

You should spend two days a week in the kitchen; let’s say Monday and Thursday. For each of the two meal preparations, choose similar ingredients so you can mix to create a difficult meal each day without having to cook 20 different foods.

For example, stick with the same protein and carbohydrates for the first few days. This could be chicken and sweet potato up until Thursday and then beef lasagne and corn for the remainder of the week.

  1. Make Food Preparation Easy

People envision peeling vegetables in the kitchen for 20 minutes, so if that’s an area which puts you off healthy eating, purchase ready-cut vegetables from your supermarket or invest in decent utensils to make your life easier. It’s worth forking out if you stick to it that way.

You’ll need plenty of Tupperware to store your food as well as a tidy fridge to organise yourself. Keeping everything organised in your cupboards makes it easier to find pots and pans without having to move everything out the way just to get started.

  1. Make The Kitchen Experience Fun

If a glass of wine is your version of fun, then so be it. You don’t have to dread time in the kitchen if you’re accompanied by music or your favourite TV show in the background. If you have children, get them involved too as it’s a great way to bond and get them interested in healthy eating.

  1. Ensure You Measure Your Amounts Exactly

Many people can slip off track with healthy eating if they aren’t eating enough. At around 8pm, they cave into cake because they’re too hungry. Eating healthy does not involve starving yourself, so always ensure that you measure your amounts before cooking them. A good way can be to add your uncooked food to a plate to see if it looks like an adequate amount before throwing in the oven.

Write a list of exactly what food you’ll be eating so you can easily take a meal from the fridge and microwave it before your stomach starts to rumble. And schedule in snacks too to keep your metabolism in check.

You will find that preparing meals makes life easier because you don’t have to constantly ask, “what are we having for dinner?” Plus, who can be bothered cooking every night when they’re past hunger?

What are your favourite foods to prepare for the week? Share your healthy recipes in the comments.


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