How to Prepare for Fear in Order to Embrace Success

How to Prepare for Fear in Order to Embrace Success

One of the biggest challenges and greatest obstacles we all face in our lives is fear. Whether it is fear of the future or the fear of losing your current job, we all have fears of some sort or another, but we don't know how to prepare for fear. Nonetheless, while fear can never be truly wiped out, there's no denying the fact that the only way for overcoming fear and achieve success is to embrace fear and live with it.

Prepare for Fear by Abandoning Fear Itself

Let's face it, fear can be paralyzing if you let it take control of your life. Moreover, positivity is must, when it comes to dealing with a fear of any kind. Besides, you can even consult a doctor for combating your anticipatory fear and anxiety. By keeping positive thoughts in your mind and abandoning the fear itself, you can train your brain that the particular thing or a situation you fear is not nearly as bad as you once thought.

Acknowledging Fear

Without a doubt, the first and one of the most vital steps to prepare for fearis acknowledging your fears and anxiety. Besides, it is easy to get caught up in the external and not properly understanding why you are walking around anxious and angry all the time.

You can acknowledge fear by

  1. Writing them on a piece of paper- Using a pen and a paper, write down every fear that you have in a very detailed manner. After you have done this, make sure you read it over and see if it makes sense to you.

  1. Remind yourself every day about them- One of the major factors that you need to take into account for preparing for fear is reminding yourself everyday about your fears. Besides, by reminding yourself about your fears and adding the details to the description of the fear, it will help you to see it in a different way than before.

Coming up with a plan to succeed to face the fear 

It goes without saying, that setting goals and coming up with a plan to succeed to face the fear is a great way for overcoming fears. Besides, every small step that you take helps you in going a little bit closer to successfully tackling the fear you have. Moreover,fear preparationgives you a boost of confidence like nothing else.

An example of a plan

If the idea of failing gives you a nervous breakdown, you should consider making a plan all the time. For instance, you can make a fear ladder or fear hierarchy and write down at least 10 real life situations similar your biggest anxiety that you can find yourself in. After you have written them down, you need to rank these fears. Moreover, you should try to tackle these fears one by one each day.

Taking it slowly and one step at a time and tips to help you remember that:

  1. Remind yourself that there is no rush
  2. Always take in consideration that change doesn’t happen overnight
  3. If you take it slow, you will be able to conquer the plan you’ve made
  4. Preparing for fear is a big step forward to your success

Fear is a good sign and dealing with it the right way is how you will achieve your goal

You can't deny the fact that fear is a good sign, as it pushes you, and gives you that edge to move forward. Besides, always remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, while it may take some time, once you learn how to overcome your fears you will be able to balance everything just fine and achieve your dreams in no time.



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