How You Know Fear is Holding You Back And How to Fight It

How You Know Fear is Holding You Back And How to Fight It

A lot of us wish that our relationships could stay the same, the size of our city could stay the same, and workplace could stay the same among others. While at the same time, we all want the things and the financial prosperity that come along with growth. But have you ever thought maybe that fear of change could be a affecting those accomplishments or maybe it's holding you back?

Coming Up With Excuses Instead of Doing

How many times have you stopped yourself and made excuses for trying something new or achieving your goals, because of the fear of unknown or perhaps you might worry that things will not stay the same as they were before?

This is about the time we look at the excuses you are likely going to use to avoid making any of your visions come true. Here are some examples that you might relate to:

  1. I won’t be good enough

    One of the most obvious excuses for not facing a new situation is thinking that you won’t be good at it. Well that is not true. You can be good at anything as long as you put your time and effort into it!

  2. I don’t have enough time

    While time can be limited, especially for those who have nine-to-five jobs, you can still easily overcome it with some time management tips.

  3. It’s too much work

    Another popular excuse for avoiding change is feeling that the new challenge will involve a lot of work. Sometimes it is more work but you have to put in the work if you want to get to the reward!

Most people actually have favorite excuses that they employ over and over. I am certain that yours are starting to emerge by now - so rather ignore them, lets just go ahead and confront the little monsters so that they don’t distract you later from accomplishing your target in life. Remember Nothing happens to you’ it happens because of you.” and excuses are just another component of this and a major a differentiator between whether you succeed or not.

Being Scared of Minor Changes

No matter how big or small the change might be, something will always be changing, and if you dread even the smallest changes, there’s little to no chance of you achieving your dreams.

  1. Clear your mind

    You need to clear your mind and develop awareness of the changes that occur around you. A good way to exercise this is by meditating. Meditating is a big life changer along with all the benefits it brings!

  2. Be curious

    One of the major factors that you need to keep in mind for overcoming the fear of change is being curious. Read books! It always helps if you feel overwhelmed or perhaps need to refocus! Learn more and experience more to determine your dreams.

  3. Create incentives

    When you want to face the fear of change, you can create rewards and incentives for changing. Remind yourself that you are doing a good thing and you are moving forward, you deserve a reward or a praise.

Feeling Like You’re Missing Out on Opportunities

If you feel like you are missing out on opportunities, then you are not embracing life and taking risks. Sometimes you feel like you were meant to be doing something else instead of what you are now. Maybe you’re sitting in an office but really should be traveling the world. Maybe you’re in law school but really wanted to be an artist. Or maybe you’re in accounting but really want to be out in the world fighting fires. There’s tons of situations where people feel like they wish they were doing more and are missing out. Check out these questions to ask yourself to see if you feel the same way.

  1. Is this something I really wish I was doing?

    Was this your end goal? Maybe you are feeling that you are working on something that you didn’t think you were going to do at all. And that might be okay! But is it what you are happy with?

  2. Is this feeling telling me something that I need to change?

    There may be a little voice in your head telling you to take risks and make a big change in your life. Listen to it! Being unsure and regretful is not the way you want to live your life. so go out there and take control!

  3. Is this something that is viable for me right now?

    If your change is possible and you know it will make you happy, you’ll be scared but also very excited to take the next step. If you believe your decision will be worthwhile in the end, you should definitely listen to your instincts.

Dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Get out of your comfert zone in order to make change happen. If you fall then you will need to get back up and keep going. Make sure you always look foward and never backwards.



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