Is Your Fear a Good or Bad Sign?

Is Your Fear a Good or Bad Sign?

From uncertainties and fears at home and job to the fear of what is going on in the world around us, there are a plethora of reasons to be fearful nowadays and it makes us wonder "Is fear good or bad?" However, fear is a good thing and can be an effective motivator, as it can be used as a tool to keep you moving forward towards a brighter future. It is important embrace fear while getting our of your comfort zone.

Facing Fear Means You Are Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has their comfort zone, which is the main culprit behind not taking risks and accepting change. The trick is to rather than let fear holding you back, you need to welcome the opportunity to grow.

  1. A sense of total freedom- When you face your fear, you start feeling free and when you are free you feel incredible.

  2. Trust- Not only facing your fears helps you achieve a sense of freedom, but you also gain trust in your own powers.

  3. Light-worker- If you continually overcome your fears and anxiety, you will feel like nothing is impossible and you will become a lightworker.

Being Fearful is a Part of Taking a Step Forward

Always remember the fact that you are not alone when experiencing the fear of change. Choosing to stay where you are and doing exactly what you’ve been doing without facing the unknown future may give you temporary relief, but making the move to embrace life, odds are you may actually transform your life.

  1. Fear gets you moving- Every one of us has something great inside us for becoming something more extraordinary and capable than we could ever imagine. Fear helps in giving you that push and forces you to make something better out of it.

  2. Personal growth- You grow and learn a number of things when you face your fears.

  3. Strength- Overcoming your fears and accepting the change wholeheartedly might be a tough period but will make you stronger.

How to Prepare for Fear

The first thing for any individual to achieve success and overcoming fear is to completely abandon the fear of failure. Read on to find out some of the major tips for preparing yourself for fear. Although fear is a good sign, we want to deal with it the right way.

  1. Acknowledge your fear- One of the first steps is acknowledging your fears and writing them on a piece of a paper.

  2. Practice, practice and some more practice- When it comes to preparing for fear you need to come up with a plan to succeed and try to get all the necessary skills and info for accurately implementing the plan.

  3. Small steps- For conquering a big fear, you should start small, and take one little baby step at a time. Keep doing this, and soon you will have overcome a mountain.

Embrace Fear as Motivation

Now ask yourself again, "Is my fear a good or bad sign?" Embrace that fear and use it for your benefit. Many successful athletes, entrepreneurs and even actors embrace fear as well as failure, because it’s a sign of moving forward. . Moreover, they believe that failure allows them to make new distinctions and identify the new steps that they need to take for achieving their goals.

  1. Challenge yourself- You should resist those feelings and impulses to avoid the challenge and the fear.

  2. Opportunity- Seeking and embracing fears is like an open door where lies opportunities that can be fully achieved only when you face the uncertainty.

  3. Believe that you can handle the change. If you want to achieve your dreams, believing in your skills is a step in the right direction.



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