Monday Motivation: How To Feel Confident at The Gym

Monday Motivation: How To Feel Confident at The Gym

You know when you walk into the gym and you feel like you just stepped in a room filled with fitness models and gurus? Well I think that happens to every one of us. You left home, feeling confident and secure, bouncing to the gym in your exercise shoes, gym bag slung over one shoulder, and water bottle in hand and suddenly you want to turn around and crawl home and get into bed. But for this Monday Motivation, we are going to work on that. It is important to feel confident at the gym, a place where you are doing your best to work on yourself.

It's Okay To Be Insecure, But Let's Work On it

A feeling of insecurity and thoughts that everyone is looking at you overwhelm you… Well now is the time to change that!

Your first thought should be “Why am I at the gym?” and most likely your answer is to be healthier and get into shape. And I bet after a closer look around, you’ll see more people just like yourself, maybe even struggling a bit on that stairmaster, but keeping at it anyhow. That's the key to building up your confidence. Each person has their own goals and needs and this is important to recognize.

Everyone is There for The Same Reason

Everyone started at the beginning somewhere along the line and depending on your objectives you can achieve what you want. So whether you are at the gym to walk the treadmill for 30 mins or lifting weights or even spinning, understand your wants and needs and focus on those because that's what inspired you to go to the gym in the first place.

Be confident with that determination and you will succeed. Just knowing that you have made the first step to improving your health will build your confidence and wash away those insecurities.


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