Never too late to start

Never too late to start

Do you sometimes feel like your late in the game? You shouldn't feel like that. There are so many people that have started in their late 20's, late 30's, and as old at 50 years old! Age is just a number..

For example lets take a look at Charles Flint Founder of IBM, He didnt start his dream until he was 61 years of age! If you are thinking you are to old to start and you are only in your late 30's you should probably take a look at Charles Flint Story!

Sometimes great businesses take alot of time refining their idea, their business concepts. Building empaires take more than just doing. Yes doing is essential but thinking of every detail from where your head quarter will be to where and how you will start is very important! Every signle founder in the list from Micheael Dell Founder of Dell to Charles Flint they all have one thing in comment. They are astonishing thinkers and doers.

So think again when you say you are too old, or you just dont have the motivation to do it. Think how Charles Flint felt his whole live until he finally embraced his fear and started IBM.

Once you start something wether it is a movement or a business whatever you want to call it, Every bit of task or energy you put into it, stacks up wait a year you will have a beautiful website making sells everyday doing what you love, wait two years and you will have a grown your small niche website to an amazing team with your same vision supporting you, wait three years and everyone will want to be part of what you created! Great things take time.

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