Dealing With Jet Lag

Dealing With Jet Lag

Anyone who advises you sleep on a plane has clearly never slept on a plane; it’s too uncomfortable. Consequently, you arrive at your destination sleepy and drowsy.

But it’s not until the next couple of days that jet lag hits you and you feel like you’re sleep walking. Here are some ways to deal with jet lag and enjoy your holiday.

Beat Jet Lag Once And For All

  • Contrary to the myth, get a good night’s sleep before you travel. Those who stay up the night before suffer the worst.
  • Try to plan your flight so you arrive at your destination in day time. If you arrive at night, it’ll be hard to go straight to sleep.
  • If you are due to land at night, avoid caffeine and alcohol on the flight so you can sleep easily when you arrive.
  • Don’t oversleep when you arrive so that you wake up at 3pm, because that will encourage jet lag. Let’s say you arrive at 6pm, stay awake until your typical bedtime in your home country and set your alarm for when you usually wake up.
  • Take a sleeping pill (prescribed by your doctor) or a warm bath to relax you and help you to sleep.
  • Wake up early, even if you’ve only had four hours sleep. Grab a coffee and a snooze in the afternoon if you get tired.

Jet lag can be beaten if you use the methods above, and don’t let it ruin your getaway!


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