Places In America To Visit

Places In America To Visit

There are so many reasons to visit the sundry land that is America – from its skyscrapers and museums to designer shops.

But we all know how colossal the most powerful country in the world is, so we’ve picked the best cities in America to visit any time of the year.

Las Vegas

Sin City isn’t just for gamblers and drinkers, but for USA lovers and shopping addicts. Each hotel is themed to replicate an infamous city in the world, so even though you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll feel like you’re in Italy one day and France the next.

New York City

The Big Apple is a beautiful sight at Christmas time in particular – especially with its festival array of theatre shows. Take a sedative walk through Central Park, a bus tour around the city to learn all about its history, or shop on fifth avenue like the celebs: it’s the perfect place for city lovers.

Los Angeles

Home to A-list stars, it’s also a vibrant and beautiful city to explore which feels like a collection of mini places. Tourists can embark on scenic drives with ocean views and sunset sights, and it’s also infamous for its adventurous theme parks.

San Francisco

Home to some of the world’s finest restaurants and livable weather, San Francisco is a winner for holiday-goers from all around the globe. Residents are proud of its diversity so you are welcome to enjoy amazing theatre shows, great food and large shopping centres.

Book a vacation to America and feel like you’re on a movie set. There are so many beautiful cities to party, relax and eat in. Where would you like to go? Let us know in the comments below.



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