P'2 Trainer

$49.95 $89.95 saving $40.00
P'2 Trainer

P'2 Trainer

$49.95 $89.95 saving $40.00


Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to track your heart rate, sleeping habits and the amount of calories you burnt during your workouts?

Look no further! Your quest stops here! No matter what your fitness level is, get motivated and step up your daily activity goals with PulseBandz P'2 Trainer Fitness Tracker!

It tracks and measures your health data and provides valuable insights to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is not just another fitness wristband, it’s an all-rounder. Apart from its main task of monitoring your health and fitness, it works as your personal digital assistant as well as your mobile phone tracker. The easy-to-read OLED display allows real-time monitoring and it automatically syncs data with your mobile phone to keep track of your daily and weekly workout regimen.

P'2 Trainer is comfortable to wear during the day as well as at night and thanks to its simple yet stylish design and 5 cheerful colors you can match it with any of your favorite outfits.


✔ Continuous heart rate tracking - 24 hour real time dynamic heart rate monitor, Bluetooth appropriate exercise.

✔ Daily fitness activity tracking - Records daily steps, distance and calorie consumption.

✔ Sleep monitoring and alarming - Automatically tracks your sleep quality, and alarms you with silent vibration to wake you up.

✔ See all your incoming calls - Caller name or caller ID will be displayed on the OLED screen.

✔ Ultra long battery life - Standby as long as 5-10 days.

✔ SMS Notifications - Supports SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and other social network sites alert.

✔ Camera remote shoot - Smart bracelet controls the remote camera shooting.

✔ Music control - Tap the screen to adjust the volume, music play, pause or switch to last or next song.

✔ Anti-lost alert- When your mobile phone is beyond the Bluetooth coverage (6M-10M), the device will vibrate to notify.

✔ Track and locate your phone - Long press the key to enter find phone interface, double click the key and your Smartphone will start vibrating or ringing.

✔ Wireless synchronization - Synchronizes stats wirelessly and automatically with your smart phone. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android enabled smart phones and tablets.

Minimum system requirements:

- iOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above

- Bluetooth 4.0


1 X P2′ Health Trainer Monitoring Bracelet


We are happy to tell you that we donate 10% of our earning to organizations around the world with their global outreach program. There are 5 different colored bands and each color represents an organization we donate to. For more information, go to “The Change” tab on our website.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. So we relax to offer 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 45 DAYS COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY for P'2 Trainer Fitness Wrist Band. Please check our refund and warranty policy from the below link for more details.


Also, if you have a problem or a concern, feel free to contact us anytime and our dedicated customer support team is ready to answer all of your questions promptly and completely.

So why wait? Choose us today and makes your fitness more motivating, fun and effective!

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    Technical Specifications

    Application Tech Bits (Coming Soon!)

    • All Day and Night Tracking

      Learn more about your activity throughout the day and night with our activity and sleep monitoring.

    • Monitor Your Heart Rate

      Know exactly how well your heart is performing throughout the day during exercise and at rest.

    • Socialize While Staying Active

      Compete, socialize, and fundraise with your friends and family while staying fit.

    • Blog Articles at Your Reach

      Read and share blog articles right in our app about fitness, healthy eating, traveling, and more.

    What We've Got In Store

    Play that funky music, fit boy... or girl.

    • Music Control

      Jam out to your favorite tunes without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

    • USB Charging

      No charger needed. Plug your device into any USB port to get it charging.

    • Long-Lasting Battery

      The battery of a lifetime. But seriously, this bad boy can go up to 5-7 days standby.

    • Touch Screen

      Swipe left or right to see the time, your steps, and more. And choose if you'd like it vertical or horizontal.