We put the app in Happiness.

Day & Night

Your PulseBandz has a purpose for every part of your day.

  • Daily Steps

    Find out how many steps you are taking each day and reach your goal by checking your band.

  • Nightly Sleep

    A good night's sleep is very important. Learn how much deep, light, and awake sleep you are getting.

  • Daily Calories Burned

    You may want to burn a certain amount of calories per day and with a PulseBandz you can see exactly how close you are to your goal.

  • All Day Heart Rate

    Check what your heart rate is throughout the day and how it is during workouts and sleep.

Activity & Workouts

A simple way to track your exercise.

  • Track Your Run

    Have the ability to grab your phone, go to the app, and start tracking your run, walk, or jog.

  • Choose Your Workout

    Choose the workout you want to start depending on which goals you are aiming for.

  • Create a Custom Workout

    Come up with your own speicifc goals and create your own workout to follow.

  • Learn How To Improve

    Use the statistics made afterwards to learn which areas of the workout need improvement.

Motivation & Friends

Get social with your active lifestyle.

  • Social Feed

    Having all your fit pals in one place and getting to share your adventures with each other.

  • Individual and Group Chats

    Chat with friends and create groups to connect wtih each other. Meet up for workouts and activites.

  • Invite Friends to Challenge

    Friendly challenge is always fun. Motivate each other by entering challenges that help you reach your goals.

  • Fundraise Together

    Have something or someone you'd like to fundraise for? Create a fundraiser or donate to causes that give back around the world.

Fun & Convienient Extras

The extra features that make life easier.

  • SMS and Call Alerts

    Get a vibration on your wrist with a notification letting you know who you recieved a call or text from.

  • Phone Anti-Loss

    Have your band vibrate showing a corresponding icon to let you know you left your phone behind.

  • Remote Camera Shoot

    Take a group photo without having to hold your phone but instead by tapping your band.

  • Notification Alerts

    Have the ability to turn on or off wrist notification alerts for apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Get Your PulseBandz App Up and Running Today.

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