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P'2 Trainer - SINGLE BAND

P'2 Trainer - SINGLE BAND

P'2 Trainer - SINGLE BAND


Get another color band to match your mood or outfit. These bright colors will also brighten up your day when tracking your health!

When purchasing a bracelet, you donate 5% to the organization that correlates to the color of the single band. For more information, go to “The Change” tab on our website and read more about the organization based on which continent it is in and what color is represents it. 

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Technical specifications


  • All Day and Night Tracking

    Track Your Activity through out the day and night.

  • Monitor Your Heart Rate

    Know exactly how well your heart is performing through your day

  • Sleep Monitor

    Track how well you sleep and compare with your other nights.

  • Details

    Get Insights on your week performance by simplely checking you avarage Health Score for the week 

The Bells and Whistles

All this power on your wrist... And these are just our favorite.

  • Daily Activity Tracking

    Tracks daily activities, check daily exercise progress and calories burned.

  • Notification Alerts

    From texts from your loved ones to social media updates, we've got you covered.

  • Music Control

    Control your music all from your wrist. Jam out to Lady Gaga without even taking your phone out.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Stay in tune with the beat. And by that, we mean your heartbeat.